Arizona….Lens, Lyrics and Lore

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“Sam Lowe performs his word magic at its finest, in his writing of the historical and creatively entertaining text about Arizona, while Dolan Ellis shares his special insights to Arizona, through his beautiful photography and written lyrics from his Arizona ballads. The book also includes a CD of Dolan Ellis singing the twelve ballads, whose lyrics appear in the book..”! Below are short snippets of the songs  to listen to and complete downloadable .mp3 files of each full length song for purchase.

The Bombing of Naco  50 sec.


Camino del Diablo  65 sec


Ghost Riders  72 sec


I’m Home  45 sec


Little One Ghost Town  70 sec


Low down No Down Payment  75 sec


Many Cherry Canyon Boy   70 sec


Nature’s Children  74 sec


Orphan of the Hills  75 sec


Sierra Peaks – Tyin Knots in the Devil’s Tail  65 sec


Song of Spring  60 sec


The Old Homestead 78 sec


Why Doesn’t It Rain  68 sec


Wildfire  45 sec