Booking Dolan Ellis


The Balladeer

A Dolan Ellis show is perfect for your:

    1. Convention
    2. Conference
    3. Anniversary Celebration
    4. Reunion
    5. Other Special Events
    6. Surprise for the Guest of Honor

Options to Consider

    1. Visuals or no visuals (large screen photography)
    2. Full show or celebrity appearance

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Dolan’s Theme Concerts

With so many songs, and a desire to appeal to various aspects of Arizona lifestyle and culture, Dolan’s shows are often presented as themes (his Arizona Folklore Preserve shows are always themed). Some of these themes are listed below, along with the songs that might be included in each.

To learn more about the individual songs, please select the appropriate link on the navigation menu (original songs or cover songs). The descriptions also indicate the availability of a particular song on CD or DVD.

 Tall Tales, Lost Trails & Heroes :

    • Tall Tales, Lost Trails & Heroes (original)
    • The Old Crook Trail (original)
    • Ghost Riders in the Sky (cover)
  • Magic Mountain (original)

Patriotic Holidays (Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day):

    • America the Beautiful (cover, special arrangement that includes all verses, in a medley that begins and ends with the words inscribed on the Statue of LIberty)
    • The Star Spangled Banner (cover, Dolan’s own special arrangement with a salute to the men and women in the Armed Forces)
    • Buddy Can You Spare a Dime (cover)
    • Amerizona (original)

Border Crossings:

    • Malaguena Salerosa (cover)
    • Zoom Va Va Voom (original)
    • The Bombing of Naco, Arizona (original)
    • A Border Affair (Spanish is the Loving Tongue) (cover)

Cowboys & Indians:

    • Desperado (cover)
    • The Retirin’ of Old George Cline (original)
    • Geronimo (original)
    • Lady of the Ledge (original)

My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys:

    • Alice Greenough (original)
    • The Man in the Big Hat is Buying (cover)
    • Only the Dead Stay Down (original)
    • Hereford Redneck (original)

Arizona Roundup :

  • Bitch, Bitch, Bitch (original)
  • The Retirin’ of Old George Cline (original)
  • The Man in the Big Hat is Buying (cover)
  • Alice Greenough (original)
  • Hereford Redneck (original)

Arizona Characters I Have Known:

    • Keeper of the Town (original)
    • Low Down, No Down Payment Home (original)
    • Frank Murphy’s Impossible Bradshaw Mountain Railroad (original)
    • T. E. Wiley’s Train (original)

Song of Spring:

    • Song of Spring (original)
    • Wind Bells, Wind Chimes (original)
    • Wildflowers (original)

Summer’s Song:

    • Lake Powell (original)
    • Camino del Diablo (original)
    • Nature’s Children (original)
    • Sail Ho (cover)

Autumn in Arizona

    • Autumn Leaves (with California Dreamin’) (cover)
    • Summer is Over (original)

Wintertime and Snowin’

    • Wintertime and Snowin’ (original)
    • Snowbird (cover)
    • Arizona Groovin’ (original)

Arizona Christmas

    • Arizona Christmas (original)
    • The Christmas Trail (cover)
    • Cowboy’s Vision (original)
    • My Favorite Things (cover)
    • Christmas Cowboy Style (cover)

Arizona Ghosts and Goblins

    • One Ghost Town (orignal)
    • Mogollon Monster (original)
    • Keeper of the Town (original)


    • Georgia on My Mind (cover)
    • Take a Gal Like You (cover)
    • Ramsey Canyon Rainy Day (original)
    • I’m a Drifter (cover)

Smooth Jazz

  • Scotch & Soda (cover)
  • The Nearness of You (cover)
  • It Was a Very Good Year (cover)
  • The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (cover)