The State Balladeer 11 times

Inducted into the AZ Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame 2011


Arizona’s Official State Balladeer since 1966


Original member of the 1960s folk singing group The New Christy Minstrels / Grammy winner

Founded and established the Arizona Folklore Preserve in Ramsey Canyon and remains as the Artist-in-Residence.



Has written nearly 300 songs, mostly about Arizona’s people, places, events, history, and scenic beauty


  • Has written, produced, and hosted Arizona travelogues and television specials aired on ABC, NBC, and CBS affiliates in primetime slots.
Wrote all music for the stage play, Cowgirls


Citizen of the year in 1996
Cited in the Congressional Record by Senator McCain


First person to be selected by the Arizona Historical Foundation as an “Arizona Culture Keeper”


Spokesman for the Arizona Office of Tourism “Do AZ, I Do” Campaign and Inducted into the Arizona Tourism Hall of Fame
Has performed for more than 200,000 school children throughout the state of Arizona
Has represented Arizona in 20 nations
Professional photographer who was a pioneer in the use of large-screen photography to enhance his shows


Exceptionally talented as a storyteller and humorist


Has explored Arizona extensively on foot, in the air, and in his 4-wheel drive Jeeps (he stopped counting miles at 1,000,000 in his Jeeps around 1990)



Has met and interviewed hundreds of interesting Arizona characters

The Final Words…


…To sum up Dolan’s career, he incorporates all of the above: the songwriting, the photography, the exploration, the people he has met, the experiences, and marries them with his exceptional ability as a singer and guitarist, and then adds a final ingredient.  That ingredient is the ability to understand his audience, to sense what they want and to give it to them.  He can be funny, and he will be several times during any given show.  He can also evoke feelings of pride, patriotism, or the value of family and friends and home.  His voice can be beautiful and soft; it can be powerful; or it can take on any number of inflections or accents.  Dolan Ellis connects with the audience as few can do…