Balladeer Cards

Christmas Trail (Card Front)

Please note: The card front is a very complex graphical image with the high-resolution photo, frame, decorated trees, “Balladeer guy,” and the text.  We had to reduce the quality considerably to keep it from taking way too many seconds to download.  Rest assured, the image is bright and clear on the cards, and the text is sharp.

Dolan thinks this may be the most attractive card yet.  He took a great photo with his new Nikon digital SLR camera, and with the addition of the graphics it really depicts much of what the song is about.

The first verse of the song describes what the cowboy sees as he rides to visit his folks at Christmas. There are four other verses, each depicting a season of the year

Christmas Trail


This is a continuation of the first verse, with the cowboy whistling happily as he rides.