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1. Cactus and Christmas Trees 2. Ridin’ Up That Christmas Trail 3. Scrubby 4. Rock Springs 5. Cowboy’s Vision


Background: Not so long ago, the people of Arizona lived in the isolation of a sparsely populated frontier area. They lived on ranches and in small villages that were barely connected to the outside world. There was no television or internet. Only broadcast radio, if you were lucky. There were no chain stores in which to shop and no places to buy Christmas presents or Christmas decorations. Even a Christmas tree was hard to come by in the desert So, the people had to use whatever was available to decorate and celebrate. Drawing from the Mexican, Indian, and cowboy cultures, along with the natural plants and materials of the desert, they created their own style of decorating their homes and celebrating the holiday season. My hope is that these songs and stories will help to preserve the memory of these rapidly fading Arizona Christmas traditions for the children of tomorrow, who will call Arizona their “home” and “the land of their birth”. These old songs, stories, and folkways will act as “anchors” to who they are and touchstones from where they have come, in this rapidly changing world of passing fads and pop culture. Please share these treasures with your children. They will love you for doing so. The Balladeer

MP3 Download “Cactus and Christmas Trees” was inspired by a charming little handmade Christmas card that I received from the daughter of a dear friend of mine…many years ago. It had colorful tiny Christmas trees and little green Saguaro Cactus scattered across the front of the card, with a message of “Merry Arizona Christmas” written on the inside. It started me to thinking about how unique our traditional Arizona Christmas’ were. This song literally flew out of me. Thank you, Becky.
MP3 Download “Ridin’ Up That Christmas Trail”, is a poem that was written in the early 1900’s by a poet genius, Charles “Badger” Clark. The music was written many years later by cowboy balladeer, Don Edwards. It tells the story of a young and wayward cowboy who returns home for Christmas, after many years of absence while following the cattle drives.
MP3 Download “Scrubby…” Each Christmas for more than thirty years, someone has been secretly going out and decorating a little juniper tree on I-17 Interstate between Phoenix and Flagstaff for the enjoyment of thousands of travelers. No one knows who does it, or if they do, they ain’t talkin’. It has become a folk symbol for “the true spirit of Christmas giving”. Several years ago, I named the little tree “Scrubby” and wrote this song to memorialize its presence.
MP3 Download “Rock Springs” has been a place of rest and replenishment for both man and beast, since the beginning of time. A corn grinder of an ancient one, a broken knife blade from a mountain man, a horseshoe from a stagecoach, or an old tire from a model T Ford, might all be remnants of its colorful past. This song tells the story of the dusty eight-hour trip from Flagstaff to Phoenix, before the new highway was built in the 1950’s. It was skillfully written by my old friends, Dean Cook, Lon Austin, and Tony Norris.
MP3 Download Cowboy’s Vision was written while I was appearing in the show lounge of the “Del Webb Resort Hotel” on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe. I think this song was inspired in contrast to the constantly blinking neon lights, the clinking of bar glassware, and the whir of the slot machines. I’m really grateful to have had the opportunity to appear at such a lovely venue as a solo act, but it was…shall we say… “a bit out of my box in life”. It’s always good to return home to Arizona!

“Take Two” ($9.99)

mp4 VIDEO Download 52 minutes

“I was the television spokesman for “Western Savings and Loan” for many years, (the largest S&L in the state back then), and they sponsored several of my half hour television specials, which were shot on 16mm film at various remote locations around Arizona. I sang my original songs and played my “ol’ geetar”, and did storytelling from such locations as…an old Spanish mission, an abandon ghost town, my personal remote campsite, a working ranch, the tailgate of my jeep, and in an ancient Salado Indian ruin out by Punkin Center. We even filmed one of them up in the “Cutter Hot Air Balloon”, where the pilot got caught in a heat thermal, accidentally drifted over Old Superstition Mountain, ran out of propane gas and had to make an emergency landing in the wilderness area, and paid a stiff fine to the FAA for doing so. The specials were filmed and produced by my dear friend and Master Cinematographer, Rick Bell, long before “MTV” or “Musical Videos” were ever thought of or invented. These historic TV specials will soon be made available for downloading from my recently redesigned website, The collection is called, “Take Two” and also includes outtakes of my… ahem… ”mistakes”, which are always fun to see. Sorry, no Green Stamps are accepted as form of payment. Poquito dinero only, mi amigos! “The Balladeer”


“After the Show” ($9.99)

mp4 VIDEO Download 1 hour 54 minutes

“The scene: Dolan’s evening concert is done, and he has gone to a friend’s home for an intimate after-show party, where he plays and sings for a small group.

“Act I starts with Dolan’s early career in Arizona, takes him to the national spotlight and the New Christy Minstrels, and brings him back to his beloved Arizona.

Act II is all about Dolan’s Arizona career, and the focus is on his music as Arizona’s Official State Balladeer. The producer is Bill McCune of McCune Television, who has produced about 80 documentaries and has featured Dolan and his music in other productions.“”


“SCRUBBY™” ($6)

““SCRUBBY” is back again this year and so is my song about it. I am announcing the release of a brand new CD of it in a colorful album jacket with Scrubby on the front and the history of the tree on the back. This single song album of “Scrubby” makes a perfect Christmas gift for those people who love the little tree, which so beautifully conveys a message of “love” and the true meaning of “Christmas giving”. Only $10.00, plus shipping. ..



Audio CD

MP4 VIDEO Download 1 hr 58 minutes

“Two hours of Dolan Ellis and his 12 string guitar, performing his songs and stories of Arizona live, accompanied by three huge screens of his projected Arizona Photography. The beautiful hard cover book also includes a never before available photo gallery of the history of Dolan’s career. A charming coffee table treasure trove for those who love Arizona and it’s uniqueness..


“Sense of Place™” ($15)

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“Dolan’s newest album, “Sense of Place”… a unique collection of Arizona songs and Cowboy poetry which will transport the listener into a distinct Arizona state of mind.” Includes the single “Wildfire” honoring the 19 Granite Mountain Hot Shots who died!


“Tall Tales, Lost Trails & Heroes” ($15) <- Click to listen to samples

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This is the latest full-length recording of Dolan’s. He did a great job in his studio putting this one together. There are ten great songs with introductions by Dolan.



“Cowgirls” ($15)

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Music from the full-length play. Ten songs that were included in the play plus a special song, “Alice Greenough,” dedicated to a cowgirl Dolan met and interviewed in Tucson. This is a wonderful CD about the women who ride rodeo and run ranches.


“Touch the Earth” ($15) 

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A CD of great Arizona music, first recorded on LP in the 1970s. This one is really a treasure.


“Tuba City” ($15) Tuba City Truck Stop

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NEW! All 12 Tracks from the original LP are now included.Full title from the title song: “Who’s Gonna Run the Truck Stop in Tuba City When I’m Gone.”


“Chemistry” ($15) Dolan Ellis Chemistry

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Downloads available!  Remastered and made available on CD in January 2008


“Man From the Big Country” ($15) Man from the Big Country

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Downloads available!  This is the album that brought Dolan to Governor Goddard’s attention and secured his first appointment as Balladeer