Balladeer Cards

Cowboy’s Vision

The song is a beautiful one–a cowboy, probably a single man who was chosen for that reason, is watching over the cattle alone on a Christmas Eve when he has a vision of Jesus returning to give him a message.  The closing words of the song are from the cowboy, and are good ones to remember when our lives become too hectic:

And though I am just a common cowboy
I ask you friend, on this Christmas Day…
To take the good, that lives within you
And keep it in your daily way

Dolan had a gig for several weeks in Lake Tahoe when the inspiration for this song came to him.  It was during the summer, not during the holiday season.  When he returned to his room about 2 AM, after his last set of the evening, the song started coming to him.  He stayed up all night, completing the song about 11 AM. 

The original recording of this song is on the Touch the Earth CD, and you can listen to a clip on its page.  When Dolan started the Balladeer Card series with “Cowboy’s Vision” he made a complete new recording, even more beautiful than the first.  Here’s another clip.