Dolan Ellis Humor


Evidence of the humor of Dolan Ellis dates back at lest as far as the early 1960s, with his tongue-in-check album, Almost Authentic Folk Songs (by Dolan Ellis and the Inn Group) , and his time with the New Christy Minstrels.  Christies biographer Tom Pickles wrote about the original group and included this description: “Dolan Ellis was a strong baritone and a charismatic comedian.”

Thus, it comes as no surprise that the kid who was so funny back in those days, contributing in ways more than musical to the success of the group that took the country by storm, is still a funny guy today.

He has written some humorous songs, such as The Bombing of Naco, and many of his songs have comedic elements.  A great example is Only the Dead Stay Down, a song with a very serious subject, about the determination of rodeo participants who are hurt not to let the fans see their suffering.  But Dolan makes it funny, especially when one is lucky enough to SEE him sing the song.  The following is a short video, just to show how funny a serious subject can be.  And then there’s a whole list of Dolan’s Funniest Videos.

Nov 9, 2002: Dolan opens for Sue Harris’ CD Release Concert

AFP Dinner Show, September 2004

From an “Arizona Characters I Have Known” Show

February 2004

September 2003

“Christmas in the Air,” December 2003

John Henry

Arizona Characters II

Song of Spring

Memorial Day 2003

Brown Shirt