After the Show – download video only


Download video only, for now


Often, a musician will have some of his finest musical moments at jam sessions and late hour parties long after the curtain has dropped, and the stage lights have gone dark.  And so, it is with the format of this video that was conceived by documentary producer, Bill McCune.

A late hour party of mutual friends was created at his home, where I kicked off my boots, had a toddy or two, and just relaxed and sang songs I like to sing.   I invited my friend, David Klaus, to join me on his bass and we did this evening together without any formal rehearsal, whatsoever.  We just talk it down a little bit in a spare bedroom, while we stashed our instrument cases and tuned up.  To give the evening a little continuity, I wrote down a very loose list of songs that I felt would tell the story pf the different phases of my life and of my musical journey as a balladeer.  The rest of the evening was totally spontaneous.

This is the kind of video where you’ll want to build a fire in the fireplace, fix yourself a bowl of popcorn, pour yourself your favorite beverage, and have a relaxing evening of musical entertainment at home.