Sense of Place

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“Dolan’s newest album, “Sense of Place”… a unique collection of Arizona songs and Cowboy poetry which will transport the listener into a distinct Arizona state of mind.” Includes the single “Wildfire” honoring the 19 Granite Mountain Hot Shots who died!  Below are snippets of the songs  to listen to and full length downloadable .mp3 files of each song for purchase.


Windsong  72 sec.
  Pine wood, oil Lamp, Outhouse Blues
  I’m home  72 sec
  Why doesn’t It Rain 65 sec
  Son of the Desert  70 sec
  Arizona Cowboy 70 sec
  Jesus Garcia   75 sec
  The Homestead 75 sec
  Rock Springs  74 sec
  wildfire  70 sec
  Arizona: A Hundred Years Brand New  74 sec