Balladeer Cards

Song of Spring

In 2003, Dolan produced a very different Balladeer card.  Instead of Christmas, the card celebrated another special Arizona season: spring.  And instead of including an audio CD, the recording was a video DVD, a slide show orchestrated to Dolan’s original “Song of Spring.”  The slides included are shown below in miniature form.

The photographs are all Dolan’s own work, and they bring the song to life.  They are the same photos he shows when he includes this song in a show where “large screen photography” capability is available.  All of Dolan’s shows at the Arizona Folklore Preserve include the large screen photography, and it is an option when booking Dolan for a show.

As with the other Balladeer Cards, “Song of Spring” includes a liner sheet with the lyrics at the top.  The message area below is blank.

You can read more about this special song under the Original Songs” area of this Web site, where you can also watch some video clips.