Tall Tales, Lost Trails & Heroes

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This is no ordinary CD. It’s an anthology of some of Dolan’s best songwriting, with only one of the list (Ghost Riders) a cover song.

The songs are Arizona songs.  Songs about Dolan’s heroes, such as Geronimo, General George Crook, and Frank Murphy.  Stories about (somewhat) mythical heroes such as Hereford Redneck.  Songs about lost trails, such as General Crook’s “Old Crook Trail” and Frank Murphy’s Bradshaw Mountain Railroad, and the very desolate Camino del Diablo.  Tall tales such as the Lady of the Ledge (Coal Canyon) and The Bombing of Naco.  And a song about a very special trail, Magic Mountain.  Below are short snippets of the songs  to listen to and complete downloadable .mp3 files of each full length song for purchase.

Tall Tales, Lost Trails & Heroes  38 sec.
  The Old Crook Trail  42 sec
  Frank Murphy’s Railroad  72 sec
  Lady of the Ledge  23 sec
  The Bombing of Naco, Arizona  26 sec
  Geronimo  42 sec
  Ghost Riders   29 sec
  Hereford Redneck  31 sec
  Camino del Diablo  44 sec
  Magic Mountain  38 sec