Arizona Christmas Collection




Background: Not so long ago, the people of Arizona lived in the isolation of a sparsely populated frontier area. They lived on ranches and in small villages that were barely connected to the outside world. There was no television or internet. Only broadcast radio, if you were lucky. There were no chain stores in which to shop and no places to buy Christmas presents or Christmas decorations. Even a Christmas tree was hard to come by in the desert So, the people had to use whatever was available to decorate and celebrate. Drawing from the Mexican, Indian, and cowboy cultures, along with the natural plants and materials of the desert, they created their own style of decorating their homes and celebrating the holiday season. My hope is that these songs and stories will help to preserve the memory of these rapidly fading Arizona Christmas traditions for the children of tomorrow, who will call Arizona their “home” and “the land of their birth”. These old songs, stories, and folkways will act as “anchors” to who they are and touchstones from where they have come, in this rapidly changing world of passing fads and pop culture. Please share these treasures with your children. They will love you for doing so. The Balladeer