Chemistry Download


(A Live Nightclub Recording)

This album was recorded live at Dolan Ellis’ nightclub/restaurant, “The Tuba Truck Stop…and Country Club”, in Scottsdale, Arizona, during the early 1980’s.

He chose to title that album, “Chemistry”, because he felt that it represents who he is as a stage performer, singer, songwriter, and entertainer, in as honest and a pure way as possible.  This is a one man show, with just Dolan and his guitar on stage, entertaining a full house of fans for over one hour.  Every note sung, every word spoken, every strain of music played, and every story told during this live performance, was produced by one person…Dolan Ellis.  No other musicians were present to enhance the music, and no other singers or performers were on stage to enhance the show’s energy.  Adding to its authenticity, this show was recorded in “one continuous take”.  That is to say, there has been no editing of the original recorded work tapes to include just “the best of this show and the best of that show”, nor were there any cuts made to remove any mistakes that Dolan might have made.  What you hear, is exactly what happened on that night.

Lastly, all the songs in this live recording were written by The Balladeer, as a result of his personal experiences while traveling around the state of Arizona in his Jeeps, talking with its old timers, and meeting its unique people of many cultures.

This live recording is a classic and it is as “one-of-a-kind” as is Dolan Ellis, “Arizona’s Official State Balladeer”.