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Scrubby is a little cedar tree that grows along I-17 highway between Phoenix and Flagstaff, which has been anonymously decorated each Christmas for over 30 years by an unknow source.  Nobody knows who decorates it, or if they do, “they ain’t talkin’”. 

Unfortunately, “Scrubby” has been caught in two terrible grassfires and has not survived the damages it sustained.  Scrubby is dead.  Scrubby became a solid folk legend to hundreds of thousands of travelers who pass by it each Christmas holiday season.  It has also become a Christmas Tradition for many Arizona families, and their children.  It will be interesting to see what “Santa’s Decorating Elves” will do this year.  Will they pick a new tree to decorate? ( Maybe “Son of Scrubby”?)  Will they continue to decorate the dead carcass of the tree?  Will they plant a new “Scrubby” tree?  Or will the tradition disappear? 

Hopefully, my song and this recording will help to memorialize this wonderful Arizona folk tradition.  Or, who knows, it may also disappear along with the little tree and become a part of Arizona’s forgotten past. 

Time will tell… The Balladeer