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This CD was originally recorded in 1972 at “Audio Recorders” in Phoenix, Arizona.  It was first released as a 33 1/3 rpm LP album, with a double fold out jacket.  As printing costs and paper costs increased, the double fold out jacket was replaced by a single jacket.  As technology continued to change, it was then released again on “cassette tape”.  The original recording has now been digitized and remastered to meet today’s industry standards and is now available on both CD and download formats. 

The title song, “Tuba City”, was also recorded by country music singing star, Leroy Vandyke, who caused the song to skyrocket onto the nation’s top music charts for several weeks.

Jack Miller: Recording Engineer, Dolan Ellis: 12 string guitar, 6 string guitar, wabble board, vocals. Jeff Gilkinson: 5 string banjo, harmonica, bass guitar, cello, vocals. Bob Graham: string bass, guitar vocals. Danny Shannon: bass guitar, vocals. Jim Bastin: vibes, drums, vocals. Joe (Jose) Corral: flute, guitar vocals. Mike Moloso: original cover design.  Brian Calkins: repackage design in 2011

…and the beat goes on!